Our Vision and Philosophy

At KTL Networks, three fundamental principles guide everything we do.

  • First, we believe that form should always follow function. Our solutions should always maximize our clients’ ability to carry out their objectives, whatever those may be. We believe in truly, fully understanding our customers’ needs and workflows before suggesting solutions. We are platform and solution agnostic.

  • Second, we believe that customer value is paramount. We create custom software, but we would gladly recommend existing off-the-shelf solutions if we think that they would work well in certain scenarios and can be deployed quickly. Further, we are big believers in the value of harnessing, automating and visualizing data in order to empower our customers and help them make better business decisions.

  • Third, we believe in evolution and continuous improvement. We strive to adopt, build and deploy innovative tools that will give our customers a competitive advantage in their industries. We know that new and disruptive technologies have the power to fundamentally transform business processes, so we keep them in mind when we design our solutions.

Our Story

The origins of KTL Networks can be traced to Palo Alto, California in the 1990s. Our founder, Kenneth T. Long, then an engineering student at Stanford University during the dot-com bubble era, witnessed firsthand the negative outcomes when businesses blindly and irrationally pursue new technologies without first asking fundamental questions like why they should be used for business, or how they can be leveraged to create true value for the customer. From this experience came a critical lesson: Disruptive technologies can help businesses grow and become more successful, but they should not be adopted naively. Form should always follow function. Business solutions should always be based upon clear and solid business objectives.

In the early 2000s, Ken helped several businesses navigate the operational pains associated with rapid growth. Frustrated with the cookie-cutter nature of off-the-shelf business software solutions, as well as the high cost of deploying more integrated “all-in-one” platforms, Ken (along with the first few members of what would become KTL Networks) built databases from the ground-up, and then developed custom-made integrated software platforms that were tailored to the needs of the business.

With time came greater experience and the adoption of new technologies that provided greater value to the customer: platform-independent solutions, the adoption of data warehouses and advanced algorithms to help forecast and predict, visualization of useful data, reducing costs via cloud-based solutions, two-factor authentication for enhanced security, etc.

KTL Networks was officially formed in 2012, with the express purpose of sharing our team’s great experience and value-driven philosophy with as many small and medium-sized businesses as possible. We know from firsthand experience that the technological landscape is continuously changing, and we are convinced that building small, agile and flexible business solutions is the future. We also believe that harnessing and leveraging data can help you make better decisions for your business. We consider ourselves pioneers on the forefront of business solutions technology, and our goal is to help you navigate your way to success.

Next Steps...

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